Two Doms Take An Ass Whipping

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Lorelei Lee and Ashley Fires are so used to being doms they don’t know what to do when they are put into a room together. It isn’t long before they start kissing then fighting to see who will be the dom. Lorelei being the stronger soon has Ashley on her knees with her tits out and nipple clamps on her.

Ashley then takes an over the knee ass spanking leaving her ass red before being made to suck Lorelei’ toes. With her hands tied behind her back she can’t do anything as Lorelei slaps her tits then slaps her pussy before caning her feet. As lorelei fingers her pussy she canes her clit before strapon fucking her with a giant dildo.

Ashley breaks free of her bonds then ties up Lorelei bending over so she can whip her ass. She has pegs on her nipples and pegs on her pussy lips stretched to her toes before Ashley strapon fucks her. They strapon assfuck each other with the same huge dildos before they are finished. You can see theses doms in lesbian bdsm at WhippedAss.

Bad Maid Gets Her Ass Caned

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When her master comes home and sees what a mess his house is still in he has to punish his maid. He has warned her before but nothing seems to work so this time it was going to be drilled into her in a way that she would never forget. He bends her over his knee and lifts her dress then smacks her ass till it’s red.

She’s made to bend over and touch her toes as he spanks her ass with a leather paddle before looking for other things to use. The one that seems to hurt the most is when he takes his trainer off and uses it to ass spank her. That was the worst until he brought the cane out.

He bent her over again and caned her ass till it left red welts on it and even got to cane her pussy once or twice. This ass caning continues till he thinks she has gotten the message. You can see this and other ass whipped women at Pure spanking.

Ariel X Gets Ass Whipped In Prison

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Ariel and Princess Donna get some stick from their local barmaid vivienne Del Rio and take things into their own hands when the pub shuts. They slap her face and strip her off before sucking her nipples hard enough to make them turn red. They hold her down and strapon fuck her before the police arrive but Donna is already running leaving Ariel to face the music.

She is sent to prison where Maitresse Madeline is waiting for her. Having been raped when younger she decides on her own punishment for Ariel and strips her off and chains her down. She canes her ass before spanking her ass then, turned on, makes Ariel lick her pussy and ass. She is gagged then whipped with a singletail before getting a taste of her own medicine and being strapon fucked to a squirting orgasm.

She thought that was it but Madeline had a surprise for her. She tied her with her ass in the air and led Vivienne into the room. She started by spanking Ariels ass hard then fucking her ass with a stick dildo. Once she knew Ariel was ready to come she bent her further and went deeper so Ariel would come on her own face. This excellent role play scene can be found over at WhippedAss.

Vivienne Del Rio Ass Whipped In Lesbian BDSM

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Vivienne Del Rio makes a genuine mistake with Madelines wardrobe but she doesn’t see it that way. She tells Vivienne to take bdsm torture or quit so Vivienne agrees. She is stripped and has her tits slapped. She has her pussy smacked before an ass spanking then is fingered in the ass. She is pussy fingered and a vibrator used to bring multiple forced orgasms from her. She has her tits whipped and is made to wear a dildo gag to bring Madeline to orgasm. Ass worship is next then she has her tits whipped before taking a strapon dildo in the ass. Nipple clamps are used and a zipper pulled from her tits as she is fucked. See more strapon fucked women at WhippedAss.

London Keyes Ass Whipped And Pussy Fucked In Prison

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London Keyes is put into a cell with Isis who takes it upon herself to teach her who is boss. She strips her off and grabs her tits making London suck her own nipples before fingering her ass. She is tied bent over to be pussy fingered then Isis whips her ass. London is made to lick pussy before being strapon fucked before some more ass whipping then is made to wear a dildo gag and fuck pussy till Isis comes on her face. She then fingers herself to orgasm while sat on top of London, dripping come down her legs. See more bdsm torture from Whippedass.

Maitresse Madeline Teaches Failure Leah A Lesson

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Leah is a stunning girl and her teacher Maitresse Madeline has always liked her so when Leah starts failing her class she seizes her opportunity. Asking Leah to stay behind after class she explains she’s going to teach her a lesson. She strips her off and bends her over her desk for an ass spanking. She gets her on the desk on all fours and attaches large weighted clamps on her pussy and nipple clamps on her tits. She has her ass whipped and made to suck Madelines toes before puts her toes in her pussy. Leah licks ass and pussy before having her ass smacked with a ruler then a butt plug is inserted before being strapon fucked. You can see this whole scene and many more bdsm torture scenes from WhippedAss here.

Lindsay Grant Gets Her Ass Punished By Isis Love

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Lindsay asked WhippedAss if she could do a scene and asked that Isis be her lesbian bdsm torturer. After stripping Lindsay off Isis gets her to lie spread open on the floor and whips her tits hard. Lindsay is made to bend over backwards, her weight on her hands and feet while Isis uses a vibrator on her pussy. She is made to stand against a wall and is pelted with water from a pressure hose then to bend over and spread her pussy open while water is squirted in there. Bound to the bed on all fours Isis whips her ass before putting a ballgag in her mouth, turning her onto her back and fucking her pussy with a stick dildo. Tied with her feet high off the bed she is ass fucked with a dildo and a vibrator on her pussy for another intense orgasm. This and many lesbian sex scenes can be found at Whipped Ass.

Cheyenne Jewel Loves Lesbian BDSM Torture

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Cheyenne Jewel is one of the toughest girls they’ve ever had on WhippedAss so they gave her over to Aiden Starr, a dom who knows how to inflict pain. Aiden leads her in on a chain then ties her spreadeagled to a wall and inserts a gag. She squeezes her nipples and bites her tits before placing hard nipple clamps on her.

Aiden whips her till she’s red then puts a zipper under each arm. She attaches heavy clamps to her pussy then uses a vibrator and fingers her to a few painful orgasms befoer ripping the zipper off. She is bent backwards in stocks and made to lick ass before having her ass whipped then hot wax on her pussy and tits.

She is tied bent over and has her ass paddled then is strapon fucked to a few orgasms. She then gets her pussy fisted for the first time and we eventually see tears, either from the fisting or the vibrator on her painful clit, we’ll never know. She is ass fucked with an huge dildo before Aiden leaves her with a reminder with a hard pussy slap. You can see Cheyenne finally broken in painful bondage at WhippedAss.

Hope Learns To Like Bdsm Torture

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Hope starts off fully clothed and tied to an upright rope bed. It isn’t long before the clothing is gone though with Lorelei Lee cutting it from her. A ballgag is fitted before Lorelei slaps her tits then licks her pussy. Once her pussy is warmed up Lorelei shows her rougher side by slapping her pussy till it’s red then whipping her pussy.

She whips her tits and fingers her to her first orgasm then releases her from the bed to leave her hogtied on the floor. She is zapped, has her ass whipped followed by her feet. She also has a circle of pegs attached to her pussy lips and pulled tight opening her pussy. She is then bound bending over to have her ass spanked, whipped and paddled.

Hope is made to suck a strapon then has her pussy caned quickly followed by having her feet caned. She is strapon fucked in bondage then has her pussy fisted to orgasm. Lorelei then sits on her face and makes her lick pussy until she is finished. You can see Hope take a pussy fisting at WhippedAss.

Lux Leota Tricked Into Lesbian Gangbang

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When Lux Leota gets picked up by Sinn Sage she went back to her room expecting some gentle loving. She was kissing Sinn when a light went on and she was turned to find Aiden Starr and Sinn grabbed her from behind. She has her clothes ripped off and her pussy fingered while her nipples are bitten.

She is tied on her back to a table with her legs spread. A ballgag is put on her and pegs all over her body before she is pussy fisted. She then has her ass whipped before being ass spanked. Both girls finger her together before a dildo gag is fitted and she is made to face fuck.

Lux is made to lick ass then they put a ball in her ass before strapon fucking her pussy. She is bent over onto all fours to be strapon fucked from behind while having her tits pinched. You can see Lux take forced lesbian torture at WhippedAss.