Kinky Nurses In Hard Lesbian Sex

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Maitresse Madeline and Audrey Rose play 2 kinky nurses in what was a live shoot, this is the edited version. Audrey Rose is tied standing up with a nipple stretcher on her tits stretching her nipples a good 3 inches from her chest. Madeleine whips her ass then rips the stretcher off before giving Audrey an ass spanking that leaves her ass red.

She has her ass spanked with a ruler before Madeleine uses a Wartenberg wheel on her clit. The wheel is used on her nipples before Audrey has her pussy slapped hard enough to make her scream. She is tied in a gyno chair to have her feet caned before an Hitachi is placed on her clit while she is fingered to orgasm after orgasm.

Tied to a bed next with suction cups on her tits while she has her pussy whipped with a single tail. She is made to lick pussy then before being spanked with a metal board then strapon fucked. She goes through loads of orgasms, gives foot worship and is fucked in the ass while bound bending over a table. These are just the highlights of this massive bondage scene which canbe seen at WhippedAss.

The Lesbian BDSM Of Cherry Torn

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Cherry Torn is all ready for her wedding day but the bridesmaids have other things in mind. They had agreed in college that they would never play with men, just with each other. They get her drunk and tie her up stil in her wedding dress then all 3 whip her.

The ballgag keeps her quiet as her dress is ripped form her and they lick her pussy. Nipple clamps are attached and pulled as she is fingered and choked. She is then hogtied with her legs spread and wearing a dildo gag that one girl rides as Cherry has her pussy caned.

Her pussy is spanked as she is made to lick pussy and pegs atached all over her body. The pegs are ripped off before she is bent over for the 3 of them to spank her ass. They take turns strapon fucking her, each dildo bigger than the one before until finally they double penetrate her. You can see Cherry strapon fucked by Lorelei Lee, Dia Zerva and Maitresse Madeline at WhippedAss.

Lea Lexis Tricked Into Lesbian Bondage

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When Lea Lexis arrives in the US by train she is sat next to Lorelei who immediately befriends her. Lorelei invites herself along for a toilet break under the pretense of it being safer and Lea soon realises that this was just a ruse. Once there she cuffs Leas ankle to the toilet and starts terain her clothes off her.

She sticks her knickers in her mouth for a gag hen uses clothespins on her pussy lips and her nipples. She spreads her pussy using the pegs then fingers her before licking her ass. She fingers her ass before using a dildo to ass fuck her. She ties her tits before making her lick pussy and spanking her tits.

Lea is tied standing on the floor with her one leg in the air as Lorelei whips her tits then strapon ass fucks her. The gag keeps Lea quiet as Lorelei finally gets it all in and fucks her ass hard. She then leaves Lea there for any other women that wanted to use her. You can see Lea fucked in bondage at WhippedAss.

Lyla Storm Pussy Fisted In Bondage

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Lyla Storm wasn’t convinced whether she could handle a scene like this but she eventually talked herself into it. Once you’re tied down there’s not a lot you can do though. She was put in stocks with her legs tied in the air and pussy exposed before aiden put some tight nipple clamps on her.

Her feet are caned before she moves onto nastier bdsm by caning her pussy. Lylas tits are whipped next before she is fucked with the whip handle till she cums. Next she is inside a cage with a ballgag in place and being zapped all over. Part of the cage is removed so Aiden can spank her ass.

She is fisted in bondage till she squirts then tied with her legs around her shoulders. She is made to lick pussy and suck toes before a ballgag is fitted so she can be strapon fucked with a giant dildo. That and an Hitachi wand bring her to yet another squirting orgasm. You can see Lyla strapon fucked at WhippedAss.

Dylan Ass Fucked In Bondage

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Dylan is on a night out when in the toilets she sees a pussy in a glory hole. Not being able to resist a taste she licks the pussy and fingers it then tries to leave. Felony is on the other side of the hole and won’t take being left half satisfied so she grabs Dylan by the throat and shoves her head down the toilet before fingering her.

Felony bites her nipples and fingers her before licking her pussy. She drags her into the alley and strips her off before tying her hands above her head with one leg tied high keeping her pussy open. Some string is tied to her clit piercing and pulled before her pussy is caned. A gag had to be fitted to shut her up as she has her pussy spanked.

A wand is used on her clit as she is fingered and made to cum. She is tied on her back and has her tits squashed underfoot before having her pussy stepped on. She takes some ass smothering then before a stick dildo and the Hitachi bring orgasm after orgasm from her.

She is placed in the corner and bent over to be ass spanked before being forced onto the ground for some more. Her ass is spanked red before Felony makes her spread her ass so she can strapon ass fuck her. Dylan is made to ride her until she is covered in her own cum and dirt. You can see Dylan ass fucked in bondage at WhippedAss.

Freya French In Lesbian BDSM

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For Freyas first taste of bondage pain she is handed over to Lea Lexis. In her dungeon she is tied standing up on one leg, gagged and stripped. Lea is bent over to have her ass whipped then has her tits paddled so hard it almost flattens them. She is fingered while having her ass paddled then her pussy spanked before finishing with an ass spanking.

Next Freya is tied led on the floor with Lea hoisted above her. Pegs are added down both sides of Freya and she squirms and screams as Lea usea a zapper on her. Freya is made to lick her pussy while Lea whips her pussy making her scream which seems to turn Lea on even more. Lea sits on her face and rips the zippers off so Freya screams into her pussy.

Lea then strapon fucks Freya who is tied to the bed and gagged before zapping her pussy then her feet. Freya is turned over to be strapon ass fucked with a massive dildo. Freya is made to hold an Hitachi there and is ass fucked at full speed as she screams from the pain. Having her pussy and ass zapped as she cums really has her screaming loudly. You can see Freya French suffer at WhippedAss.

Lux Leota Tricked Into Lesbian Gangbang

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When Lux Leota gets picked up by Sinn Sage she went back to her room expecting some gentle loving. She was kissing Sinn when a light went on and she was turned to find Aiden Starr and Sinn grabbed her from behind. She has her clothes ripped off and her pussy fingered while her nipples are bitten.

She is tied on her back to a table with her legs spread. A ballgag is put on her and pegs all over her body before she is pussy fisted. She then has her ass whipped before being ass spanked. Both girls finger her together before a dildo gag is fitted and she is made to face fuck.

Lux is made to lick ass then they put a ball in her ass before strapon fucking her pussy. She is bent over onto all fours to be strapon fucked from behind while having her tits pinched. You can see Lux take forced lesbian torture at WhippedAss.

Felony Teaches Boss Tricia Who Is Really In Charge

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When new girl Tricia Oaks get the job of supervisor ahead of her, basically by flirting with the boss, Felony decides it’s time for a lesson. When everyone has gone home she grabs Tricia and uses restraints tying her hands behind her back. A ballgag is used to keep her quiet and she is bent over a desk for a good ass spanking. She is turned around to have her pussy slapped then made to lick ass. A chain is fitted from a collar to her ankles and tight nipple clamps are used with a ruler slapping her legs. Bent over again a large butt plug is fitted before her ass whipping begins with the ruler. The butt plug is removed for a strapon ass fuck with a vibrator on her pussy and a mouth clamp used before her massive tits are slapped. An even bigger strapon dildo is used to pussy fuck he to orgasms. Click here to watch this scene at WhippedAss.

Amy Brooke Takes Double Anal

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In this scene Isis Love plays a mental patient who has been sedated for causing trouble, Amy Brooke is the nurse made to look after her over the holidays. Amy makes a mistake in taunting Isis while she is cuffed to a bed but later Isis escapes and is ready for some revenge in the form of lesbian torture.

Amy is strapped to a chair with her pussy lips clamped open and gagged before having her tits whipped. Suction tubes are used on her nipples and an Hitachi vibrator left on her spread pussy as Isis zaps her tits with a zapper. She is then fucked with a candy cane before being made to lick pussy.

A dildo gag is fitted and Isis rides her face while whipping her pussy. A huge dildo is shoved in her ass before a stick dildo is used in her pussy then Amy gets ass fisted while a vibrator brings an orgasm from her. Her tits are tied and she is strapon ass fucked with a huge dildo then her gaping ass takes even more as a steel dildo is included in a double anal fuck. You can see Isis Love double anal Amy Brooke for lesbian torture at WhippedAss.

Lesbian BDSM For Josi Valentine

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Prostitute Josi Valentine is walking the streets when she gets an offer she can’t refuse from Lorelei Lee. It isn’t long before she finds she has taken on too much as it turns out she has been bought for Dr Maitresse Madeline to use for sexual experiments. Josi is blindfolded, gagged and tied with her hands above her head.

Lorelei is sent in to soften her up and she soon has suction tubes on her nipples. Her pussy is spanked and her tits slapped as Madeline watches while playing with her own pussy. Josis nipples are stretched to their limit before she is pussy whipped and has her ass whipped. She is also shallow fisted to orgasam before being tied upside down for both to whip her ass.

She is pulled by her nipple clamps and made to lick ass before weights are added to stretch her nipples. Josi is fucked with a stick dildo before having her pussy spanked hard again . She is fucked over and over with the dildo but denied orgasm then Lorelei fucks her with a dildo gag while being strapon ass fucked. Josi finally gets to cum while being pussy fisted. You can see Josi suffer bdsm torture at WhippedAss.