Bad Maid Gets Her Ass Caned

whipass 450x296 Bad Maid Gets Her Ass Caned

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When her master comes home and sees what a mess his house is still in he has to punish his maid. He has warned her before but nothing seems to work so this time it was going to be drilled into her in a way that she would never forget. He bends her over his knee and lifts her dress then smacks her ass till it’s red.

She’s made to bend over and touch her toes as he spanks her ass with a leather paddle before looking for other things to use. The one that seems to hurt the most is when he takes his trainer off and uses it to ass spank her. That was the worst until he brought the cane out.

He bent her over again and caned her ass till it left red welts on it and even got to cane her pussy once or twice. This ass caning continues till he thinks she has gotten the message. You can see this and other ass whipped women at Pure spanking.

Sea J Raw Treated To Some Serious Bdsm Torment

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What a good pairing, Sea enjoys bdsm torture and Isis couldn’t be happier to inflict pain. Isis ties up Sea J by her hands almost hanging her by them stretching her tight then fingers her pussy. She’s put into suspension bondage leaving her totally exposed, just right for Isis to whip her pussy. A mouth clamp keeps her quiet as she gets a strapon ass fuck while getting her ass caned. A zipper is attached to her body and nipples before she has a stick dildo inserted in her ass and a vibrator used on her clit and as she has her first intense orgasm the zipper is yanked off. You can see this and other great bondage scenes at WhippedAss.

Ariel X Gets Ass Whipped In Prison

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Ariel and Princess Donna get some stick from their local barmaid vivienne Del Rio and take things into their own hands when the pub shuts. They slap her face and strip her off before sucking her nipples hard enough to make them turn red. They hold her down and strapon fuck her before the police arrive but Donna is already running leaving Ariel to face the music.

She is sent to prison where Maitresse Madeline is waiting for her. Having been raped when younger she decides on her own punishment for Ariel and strips her off and chains her down. She canes her ass before spanking her ass then, turned on, makes Ariel lick her pussy and ass. She is gagged then whipped with a singletail before getting a taste of her own medicine and being strapon fucked to a squirting orgasm.

She thought that was it but Madeline had a surprise for her. She tied her with her ass in the air and led Vivienne into the room. She started by spanking Ariels ass hard then fucking her ass with a stick dildo. Once she knew Ariel was ready to come she bent her further and went deeper so Ariel would come on her own face. This excellent role play scene can be found over at WhippedAss.

New Girl Ela Darling Takes An Ass Spanking

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Ela darling is very new to kink so for some reason putting her with Sinn didn’t seem fair. She is taken out of her dollhouse prison and tied up, gagged and has her tits tied tight. Her tits are slapped before harsh nipple clamps are used then Sinn gets to work below, slapping her pussy till it’s red.

Ela has her ass apanked as she is fingered to orgasm before foot worship is needed to appease Sinn as she plays with her own pussy. Put into stocks Elas sensitive clit is slapped before Sinn uses a vibrator to bring another orgasm then, without slowing she attaches a dildo to the vibrator and uses both on her till another forced orgasm comes.

Ela is made to lick pussy then a dildo gag is attached and she is made to fuck pussy while the juices run down her face. Satisfied, Sinn then strapon fucks her pussy till she has a last painful orgasm. A great newbie debut from Ela makes this a great scene form WhippedAss.

Ashlynn Leigh In Lesbian Gangbang

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Ashlynn Leigh had a scene set up for later in the day but was wandering around looking for something to get her warmed up. When they found out about it they decided to do the scene there and then so Dylan, Felony and Gia DiMarco all grabbed her. They ripped her clothes off and dragged her into the Armoury where they started by slapping her pussy.

She takes an over the knee spanking before they get to work by fisting her pussy. This and an Hitachi on her clit put her through some orgasms before she is knelt down with her tits tied then made to lick pussy. Next she is led down to have her pussy whipped by 2 girls while licking pussy until she is made to drink a squirting orgasm.

She has her tits whipped as her eyes are held open as another squirting orgasm hits her face then pegs on her tits before they strapon fuck her. A ballgag is fitted and she is tied bending over as they take turns strapon ass fucking her with bigger and bigger dildos. This is a very big scene of bdsm torture which can be seen at WhippedAss.

Gia Dimarco Takes Lesbian Domination From 3

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Gia Dimarco had agreed to do a scene with 3 other dommes for Divine Bitches but managed to upset all 3 of them. She goes to the bathroom and leaves the stall to find Lorelei Lee , Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline all waiting for her. She is grabbed, tied and ballgagged before being bent over to have her ass spanked.

She is fingered then stripped before being washed off with a hosepipe while being punched and fingered. Tied spreadeagled standing up she has her ass whipped by two while the third fingers her pussy. A single tail whipping of her ass keeps her pushed forward as a foot is shoved in her pussy.

she is put in suspension bondage and a buttplug inserted as the three get to work on her with strapons. They take turns strapon fucking her before fisting her pussy to orgasm then using the strapons again. Each time she is ready to cum they fist her. On all fours next for more strapon fun and having her ass caned by all three. You can see Gia with toes in her pussy at WhippedAss.

Ella Nova Punished For Happy Ending

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Ella Nova gets told on her first day as a massage therapist to give all clients happy endings. She does as she’s told but they forgot to tell her it’s just the men that require happy endings. After giving Madeline more than she wanted Madeline decides to teach her a lesson. Bending her over the table she spanks her ass all the while screaming at her.

Spinning Ella around she spanks her pussy hard before laying her on her back to finger and shallow fist her pussy. Ella is tied to the bed legs spread and wearing a ballgag. Madeline proceeds to whip her ass, whip her tits then canes her pussy. Next up to prove she’s a lesbian she strapon fucks her while using an Hitachi on her clit.

Ella is bent over for another ass spanking while a massive buttplug stretches her ass. She has her tits tied and nipples clamped before being made to suck Madelines toes. Ella is dragged around by her nipple clamps then has a dildo gag fitted and is made to fuck Madeline to orgasm. Ella is bent over for some strapon anal fucking before Madeline is finished with her. You can see Ella in this lesbian bdsm scene at WhippedAss.

Vivienne Del Rio Ass Whipped In Lesbian BDSM

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Vivienne Del Rio makes a genuine mistake with Madelines wardrobe but she doesn’t see it that way. She tells Vivienne to take bdsm torture or quit so Vivienne agrees. She is stripped and has her tits slapped. She has her pussy smacked before an ass spanking then is fingered in the ass. She is pussy fingered and a vibrator used to bring multiple forced orgasms from her. She has her tits whipped and is made to wear a dildo gag to bring Madeline to orgasm. Ass worship is next then she has her tits whipped before taking a strapon dildo in the ass. Nipple clamps are used and a zipper pulled from her tits as she is fucked. See more strapon fucked women at WhippedAss.

London Keyes Ass Whipped And Pussy Fucked In Prison

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London Keyes is put into a cell with Isis who takes it upon herself to teach her who is boss. She strips her off and grabs her tits making London suck her own nipples before fingering her ass. She is tied bent over to be pussy fingered then Isis whips her ass. London is made to lick pussy before being strapon fucked before some more ass whipping then is made to wear a dildo gag and fuck pussy till Isis comes on her face. She then fingers herself to orgasm while sat on top of London, dripping come down her legs. See more bdsm torture from Whippedass.

Sarah Shevon In Lesbian Bdsm Torture

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Sarah Shevon has always been good, in fact better than good but then she starts having dark desires after meeting Aiden Starr and Kelly Divine. They start her off into a world of lesbian bdsm and she likes it. Tied against a wall she starts by watching Kelly having her tits whipped before being made to lick her pussy while being ass whipped.

She is then tied to a chair wearing a ballgag to have her pussy slapped red. Weighted nipple clamps are attached along with weighted pussy clamps before her pussy is whipped then an Hitachi is pressed against her clit. She is released to lick ass, sticking her tongue deep in Kellys asshole as Kelly has her ass spanked.

Kelly then has to lick Sarahs pussy while being ass paddled and strapon ass fucked. Sarah is tied to the wall and made to watch as Kelly screams in pain and begs to be released. Aiden keeps on with the ass fucking though and tells Sarah if she misbehaves her turn is next. You can see Sarah Shevon learn about bdsm torture at Whippedass.