Riley Shy Wants To Be Ariel X’s Bdsm Torture Slave

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Riley Shy loves the idea of being a bdsm sex slave and the idea of her boss being her bondage torturer is too much for her. She is stripped and a ballgag used to quieten her screams as Ariel whips her tits being going lower for a pussy whipping. She is bent over a desk for an ass whipping with a switch before a forced pussy licking of Ariel. Next she is in suspension bondage giving a forced blowjob before being strap-on fucked while her tits are tied in tight bondage. Tied on her back to a desk she is fucked with a dildo while a vibrator brings her to another orgasm. You can see Ariel whip butt at or pay per scene or minute at Kink On Demand.

Big Tit Kelly Divine Gets Whipped Ass From Lorelei

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Kelly loves the idea of being a sex slave and when WhippedAss offered her a scene with Lorelei she couldn’t pass it up. Lorelei wastes no time, stripping Kelly and tying her to a pole with her hands above her head stretching her huge tits high. Lorelei whips her tits and ass then blindfolds her before fingering her pussy. Kelly is made to suck a strapon dildo while bound on all fours before a dildo on a stick is used to fuck her ass. Tight nipple clamps are used before she has her pussy whipped and made to please Lorelei by licking ass. With her head in stocks and her legs tied above her she has hot wax poured on her, is strapon fucked and then Lorelei whips her pussy and ass. Watch this incredible bit of bdsm torture here.

Mistress Felony Plays With Slave Girls Ashley Jane And Sasha Yung

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It’s christmas and mistress Felony decides to give herself a little present, a day of bdsm torture for her two new slave girls. Ashley is made to please Sasha by licking her pussy while having her ass spanked. The girls take it in turns then licking ass before both being bent over to take an ass whipping. They both kneel on the floor to have their tits whipped before Ashley is tied spreadeagled to a chair. Felony ass fucks her with a strapon dildo while Ashley sucks the dildo gag Sasha is wearing. As a present for the slave girls both are treated to being pussy fucked by dildo on a stick till they orgasm. Watch this bdsm scene at WhippedAss or buy single scenes at Kink On Demand.

Felony Teaches Boss Tricia Who Is Really In Charge

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When new girl Tricia Oaks get the job of supervisor ahead of her, basically by flirting with the boss, Felony decides it’s time for a lesson. When everyone has gone home she grabs Tricia and uses restraints tying her hands behind her back. A ballgag is used to keep her quiet and she is bent over a desk for a good ass spanking. She is turned around to have her pussy slapped then made to lick ass. A chain is fitted from a collar to her ankles and tight nipple clamps are used with a ruler slapping her legs. Bent over again a large butt plug is fitted before her ass whipping begins with the ruler. The butt plug is removed for a strapon ass fuck with a vibrator on her pussy and a mouth clamp used before her massive tits are slapped. An even bigger strapon dildo is used to pussy fuck he to orgasms. Click here to watch this scene at WhippedAss.

Lesbian BDSM For Josi Valentine

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Prostitute Josi Valentine is walking the streets when she gets an offer she can’t refuse from Lorelei Lee. It isn’t long before she finds she has taken on too much as it turns out she has been bought for Dr Maitresse Madeline to use for sexual experiments. Josi is blindfolded, gagged and tied with her hands above her head.

Lorelei is sent in to soften her up and she soon has suction tubes on her nipples. Her pussy is spanked and her tits slapped as Madeline watches while playing with her own pussy. Josis nipples are stretched to their limit before she is pussy whipped and has her ass whipped. She is also shallow fisted to orgasam before being tied upside down for both to whip her ass.

She is pulled by her nipple clamps and made to lick ass before weights are added to stretch her nipples. Josi is fucked with a stick dildo before having her pussy spanked hard again . She is fucked over and over with the dildo but denied orgasm then Lorelei fucks her with a dildo gag while being strapon ass fucked. Josi finally gets to cum while being pussy fisted. You can see Josi suffer bdsm torture at WhippedAss.

Sheena Ryder Gets Her Ass Whipped

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Sheena Ryder is tied standing up and left in the care of Feloney who is only too happy to play with her. She starts by giving her an ass spanking then brings out the whip to whip her ass. S moves all over then mainly whipping her tits until they’re red then grabs Sheena and pulls her clit hard.

She spanks ehr ass and whips her tits till she’s red all over then ties her sitting down. She canes her ass then sticks her fingers down Sheenas throat ordering her to make her glove wet. She fingers her ass then pretty soon shallow fists her ass. Next up is a stick dildo in her ass which keeps getting swapped to her mouth.

She is tied hunching down with her tits tied to the ceiling and made to lick pussy and ass. She is led on her back then to be strapon fucked in the pussy. It isn’t long though before Feloney goes back to her favourite hole and strapon ass fucks her before making her deepthroat the dildo. You can see Sheena in this lesbian bdsm scene at WhippedAss.

Raylene Ass Whipped In Bondage

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Raylene stars in Bobbi Starr first ever film as a director. She called it Raylene and the devil which starts off with Raylene being able to touch pictures and see images of herself being used and abused. It starts off with her tied to a bed and Lorelei Lee and Andy San Dimas fingering her pussy and sucking her tits. This doesn’t last long though and soon she switches to a different scene, one where she is lying on the bed naked with Andy and they are kissing and feeling each other.

She quickly jumps to another scene where a woman in red, Lorelei tricks her into bondage. Realising that Lorelei is ther devil she has to go along with whatever she has planned. Lorelei sticks a lollipop in her mouth, ties her standing up and ties her tits tight. She starts by whipping her pussy then turning her around so she can whip her ass. She shoves a giant buttplug in her ass then fingers her before removing the buttplug so she can fist her pussy.

Raylene is forced to suck her tits, lick her pussy and ass then suck her toes while Lorelei uses an Hitachi to bring herself to orgasm. The next scene sees her lying face down on a bed wearing a ballgag as someone comes up behind her with a giant strapon. Unable to move she just screams through the ballgag as she is strapon ass fucked. She quickly moves to the next scene which sees her in a coffin, obviously fucked to death. You can see this fantasy bdsm torture scene at WhippedAss.

Chloe Camilla Takes An Ass Spanking

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Lorelei Lee, Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline play three witches looking to find a virgin sacrifice and happen to choose Chloe for their victim. She is cornered in a changing rooms, they grab her arms and strip her off before she is fingered. She is forced onto all fours and held there for an ass spanking.

She is released to be tied to a framework with her legs spread standing up while blindfolded and gagged. She has her ass whipped by two as the other witch whips her front then a load of pegs are placed all over her which are ripped off as she is fingered to orgasm.

She has her tits whipped before two zippers are ripped simultaneously from her body then she is tied with her legs in the air as she is double penetrated with two dildos on sticks. She is made to suck dildos as she is strapon ass fucked while a vibrator is used on her pussy before having her pussy fisted and more double penetration with just a little more ass spanking. You can see Chloes BDSM torture at WhippedAss.

Lolita Learns Lesbian BDSM From Aiden Starr

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When Lolita asked for this scene because she wanted to be a porn star she was asked for her qualifications. At just 20 years old she hadn’t really done anything but consented that anything could be tried on her. She was given to Aiden and tied up before the start with a ballgag used.

Aident started off nasty, hanging clamps on her pussy, pinching her nipples then whipping her tits just to get her started. While using a vibrator on her clit she slaps her tits hard as she has her first ever squirting orgasm. The vibrator is left there a little too long to make sure she was wet then came another first.

She is fisted hard by Aiden and made quite a lot of noise as she never let up on her clit. She was strapon fucked then a dildo gag used as she is made to fuck Aidens pussy. She is put into stocks for the last bit as she is strapon ass fucked for the first time. So many firsts for Lolita can be seen at WhippedAss.

Natasha Lyn Ass Whipped In Bondage

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Natasha Lyn is very new to the scene and followed her Hogtied experience here. She is tied standing with legs open wearing a ballgag and blindfold to get her ass spanking from Felony. Next her tits are tied and nipple clamps used on her before an elastic band is used all over her and she is whipped till she is red.

A vibrator is used on her pussy as one of the clamps is ripped off followed by having her nipple squeezed making her scream. A Wartenberg Pinwheel is run over her nipples and even her clit and pussy lips. She has her ass caned then whipped, her pussy smacked with a stick and zapped then a stick dildo inserted. She is forced to orgasm with the dildo and a vibrator before being locked in a steel cage.

She is made to lick ass and pussy before being tied spreadeagled on her back with a ballgag and buttplug inserted and is zapped. She is strapon fucked with a giant dildo while the buttplug is still in as she has her tits smacked hard enough to leave red marks. You can see Natasha Lyn in lesbian bdsm at WhippedAss.