Allie James Faces Bdsm Torturer

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When Lea Lexis catches slave girl Allie James masturbating she decides to teach her a lesson she won’t forget. After pinching her nipples hard she bends her over for an over the knees spanking. She is then gagged and tied spreadeagled on the bed with her legs in the air.

Gagged to keep her quiet nipple clamps and clamps for her pussy lips are attached and connected by string which she yanks on stretching both. Hot wax is poured on her open pussy before the clamps are removed. She is fingered close to orgasm before being tied on one leg with her tits tied and a dildo gag over her mouth.

Lea rides the dildo gag then puts Allie on her back to ride her face some more. She rips off the zipper as she cums then bends her over the bed. Lea strapon fucks her from behind while tipping hot wax over her then flips her onto her back. Allowing her to orgasm she tips hot wax on her nipples just as she starts then fucks her through a few more orgasms before letting her go. You can see Allie with clamps on her pussy at WhippedAss.

Raylene Ass Whipped In Bondage

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Raylene stars in Bobbi Starr first ever film as a director. She called it Raylene and the devil which starts off with Raylene being able to touch pictures and see images of herself being used and abused. It starts off with her tied to a bed and Lorelei Lee and Andy San Dimas fingering her pussy and sucking her tits. This doesn’t last long though and soon she switches to a different scene, one where she is lying on the bed naked with Andy and they are kissing and feeling each other.

She quickly jumps to another scene where a woman in red, Lorelei tricks her into bondage. Realising that Lorelei is ther devil she has to go along with whatever she has planned. Lorelei sticks a lollipop in her mouth, ties her standing up and ties her tits tight. She starts by whipping her pussy then turning her around so she can whip her ass. She shoves a giant buttplug in her ass then fingers her before removing the buttplug so she can fist her pussy.

Raylene is forced to suck her tits, lick her pussy and ass then suck her toes while Lorelei uses an Hitachi to bring herself to orgasm. The next scene sees her lying face down on a bed wearing a ballgag as someone comes up behind her with a giant strapon. Unable to move she just screams through the ballgag as she is strapon ass fucked. She quickly moves to the next scene which sees her in a coffin, obviously fucked to death. You can see this fantasy bdsm torture scene at WhippedAss.

Domme Katja Kassin Loves To Whip Ass

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To welcome Katja to the domme scene she was handed Claire Robbins to do whatever she wanted with. She started with an over the knee spanking while fingering her pussy warning her not to cum. After that she gets her to bend over while standing and drips boiling hot wax on her ass.

Claire is tied lying on her back with her feet in the air and made ot suck Katjas nipples and lick her pussy. A dildo gag is used so she can fuck Katja then she is flipped over to be tied on all fours with a dildo gag used. An ass hook is inserted then Claire is strapon fucked.

The ass hook is removed so Katja can strapon fuck her ass while holding an Hitachi on her pussy. Claire is fucked this way through orgasm after orgasm with Katja promising she’ll eventually forget her own name before she’s finished making her cum. You can see Katja giving Claire some lesbian bdsm at WhippedAss.

Lesbian Cuckold In Chastity

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Jessi Palmer comes home to her hotel room from a hard days work and hears loud noises coming from the next room. She opens the door slightly and sees Aiden Starr and Eva Fenix having rough bdsm sex. She getsd so turned on she strips off and starts playing with herself as Aiden forces Eva to deepthroat her strapon. The excitement gets higher as Aiden spanks her ass then bends her over to strapon fuck her while holding her hair. Eva is made to lie down then as Aiden tries to get the whole giant strapon in her pussy.

Aiden uses an Hitachi on Eva getting her close to orgasm and Jessi is also very close but just as she is ready Aiden spots her in the doorway. Aiden invites her to join in and thinking she is finally going to get some lesbian sex she rushes in but Aiden has other plans. She locks her in a chastity belt then ties her face up on the bed. Eva is told to sit on her face as Aiden whips her tits. Jessi is told to lick ass then as Aiden gets her close but orders her not to cum.

Nopple clamps on Eva and Jessi are attached as an Hitachi is used and Aiden whips Eva making her jump and pulling both sets of nipples. Jessi is then tied bending over the bedrest and an anal plug inserted then ordered to suck feet as her as is spanked. Eva is treated to another strapon ass fucking while Jessi is made to watch until Eva cums again. Aiden leaves Jessi tied to the bed and gagging for release. You can see these two girls take bdsm torture at WhippedAss.

Roxanne Hall Strapon Ass Fucked

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Ashley Fires is in court and getting too lippy with her own lawyer who walks out leaving her alone to face the jury. Ashley corners her in her office and starts shouting at her. When Roxanne shouts back she loses her temper, ties her hands behind her and bends her over the desk to have her ass paddled.

She then paddles her pussy before starting the tit torture by slapping her tits. She bites her nipples and pulls back stretching her tits then licking her pussy to orgasm. She attaches pussy clamps and nipple clamps and connects them together. She pulls stretching her nipples and spreading her pussy so she can slap her clit as Roxanne screams into a ballgag.

She fists her pussy wearing a rubber glove as she smacks her clit and slaps her tits. A crotch rope is fitted and she is made to suck toes and lick ass. She is whipped purple before being strapon ass fucked until she screams for mercy promising to defend Ashley again. You can see Roxanne strapon ass fucked at WhippedAss.

Chanel Preston Ass Whipped

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When Chanel goes to therapist Nika Noire to confess she is having lesbian thoughts Nika suggests hypnosis. Once Chanel is under though she can’t resist the temptations of going through some of her own fantasies. Chanel is tied with her legs behind her head and ass in the air leaving her perfect to have her ass smacked then her ass whipped.

Nika moves on to caning her feet before fingering her pussy to orgasm. Chanel then gets her tits tied and her face slapped before a dildo gag is fitted and she is made to fuck Nika in the pussy with it. She is tied next with a ballgag in her mouth and one leg tied level with her head before Nika uses 2 zappers on her tits.

She moves lower then zapping her pussy before fucking her pussy with a stick dildo. Castration bands are placed on her nipples before she is bent over for Nika to strapon fuck her ass to orgasm over and over. You can see Chanel getting some lesbian bdsm torture at WhippedAss.

Tori Luxe Ass Smacked By 2 Doms

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For Tori Luxe first ever scene with WhippedAss she is handed over to Lorelei Lee and Nika Noire who know just how to introduce new girls to the scene. Tori is handed over already tied up so the girls waste no time and Tori starts off getting her ass smacked.

That was just to warm her up though as they both pull out whips and whip her ass as she rolls around on the floor. They tie her tits next and finger her pussy till she cums. Tori is made to stand and pegs put on her nipples before her ass is paddled.

Lorelei forces 4 fingers in her pussy then vibrates her to another orgasm before they can her ass. Tori is then made to lick ass and do some foot worship. She is fingered to another orgasm then strapon fucked to a few more before she is double penetrated by the doms. You can see Tori get her ass smacked at WhippedAss.

Spanked Ass For Thief Iona Grace

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Iona Grace plays a go-go dancer in this scene and laready had the other dancers hating her with her attitude but when she is caught stealing the tips they decide to take it further. She is caught in the bar after hours and held by Amber Rayne as Felony rips her clothes off her.

She is tied to the bar and a gag put in her mouth as her pussy lips are pulled hard then pegs placed all over her. She has her tits slapped and her pussy fingered and vibrated to orgasm then her tits tied very tied. She gets a spanked ass while being made to lick ass then has to sit there as Felony has a squirting orgasm on her face.

She gets another spanked ass before an anal plug is fitted the is tied face down with an ass hook in and a stick dildo in her pussy. Amber strapon fucks her while Felony whips her tits until she has orgasm after painful orgasm. By the end of this scene she has learned her lesson. You can see Iona get a spanked ass at WhippedAss.

Victoria Whites First Lesbian BDSM

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Victoria White is an all natural blonde stunner who had never been double penetrated before so when she was handed to Aiden Starr and Bobbi Starr you can guess what was the first thing they planned to do. Victoria was tied in a sack when they found her and they wasted no time, slapping her pussy and making her lick ass to start off her lesbian BDSM session.

A dildo gag was fitted and she was made to fuck Bobbi till she came on her face then was tied standing spreadeagled wearing a ballgag while both girls whipped her tits.They moved on to whipping her pussy before fingering her and using a vibrator till she had her first orgasm in bondage.An asshook was fitted and she had her ass caned before a stick dildo and vibrator got another orgasm from her.

She is made to sit on a strapon while she struggled till she had her nipples pinched hard. Aiden strapon fucked her ass in her first double penetration then they went rougher with a pile driver DP. You can see Victoria find out how hard lesbian BDSM can be at WhippedAss.

Chloe Camilla Takes An Ass Spanking

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Lorelei Lee, Aiden Starr and Maitresse Madeline play three witches looking to find a virgin sacrifice and happen to choose Chloe for their victim. She is cornered in a changing rooms, they grab her arms and strip her off before she is fingered. She is forced onto all fours and held there for an ass spanking.

She is released to be tied to a framework with her legs spread standing up while blindfolded and gagged. She has her ass whipped by two as the other witch whips her front then a load of pegs are placed all over her which are ripped off as she is fingered to orgasm.

She has her tits whipped before two zippers are ripped simultaneously from her body then she is tied with her legs in the air as she is double penetrated with two dildos on sticks. She is made to suck dildos as she is strapon ass fucked while a vibrator is used on her pussy before having her pussy fisted and more double penetration with just a little more ass spanking. You can see Chloes BDSM torture at WhippedAss.